Single Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Single Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Microclean the latest compact high efficiency ultrasonic cleaner for small and intricate parts.

Oscar offers wide range of industrial cleaning systems of high quality best suited for continuous operation in Indian atmospheric conditions. These equipments consist of a solid state ultrasonic generator and stainless steel tank, mounted with sandwitch type ultrasonic transducers made of piezoelectric crystals specially made for cleaning applications.

Ultrasonic transducers convert powerful ultrasonic oscillations produced by the generators into mechanical vibrations. This produces intense scrubbing action throughout the liquid filled in the tank which pulls out contaminants from hidden recesses of complicated assemblies / parts immersed in it for cleaning.

Contaminants like grease, oil, dust, rust, buffing, compound, flux, tar, blood, protein, oxide, ink, radioactivity, polish etc. can be easily removed by radioactivity, polish etc. can be easily removed by using ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic also accelerates the chemical action of cleaning solvents. Quality, reliability, Higher productivity etc. are not merely corporate slogans but key elements to success. Ultrasonic cleaning is cost effective, minimise rejection rates, controls pollution and sets standards. Hence, it has a dominant role in industrial cleaning thus helps to achieve the above management objectives.

PCB's Electronic assemblies, Opto - Electronics, Glass sub strats, Switchgear, Armature

Clock / Time Piece, Watches, Metal straps, Watch Cases, Jewellery Imitation Jewellery, Diamomds and other precious articles

PHARMACEUTICALS Degassing of solvents before HPLC, Dissolution / Disintegration of sugar coated tablets, mixing of drugs / Herbal formulations etc.

HOSPITALS / HEALTHCARE / SCIENTIFIC RESEACH LABS Lab Glassware, Surgical Instruments, Syringes, Orthopedic Inserts, Eyeglass Frames, Dental Instruments, Dentures, etc.

DEFENCE Army base workshops, Naval ships, Ship building centre for cleaning components and machinery parts. Airforce - aircraft components.

ATOMIC RESEARCH LABS / NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS / SPACE RESEARCH CENTERS / RAILWAYS Decontamination of radioactive components machinery parts, handling equipments and parts, critical components used in rocket launch vehicles, Ball Bearings, Axle Box, Workshop / Electrical components

GENERAL INDUSTRIES Filter Candles, Spinnrets, LPG Cylinder Valves, Spectacle frames, machine parts, motor cores, Leco filters, SS Bellows and flexible hoses, Kitchen equipments parts, cutlery brassware, Solar cells, investment castings, ceramic air jets, parts of gas chromatography, Ball point tips and refills, M.S. Sheet metal components etc.